Lacey White

First Impressions

Lacey White just started her first year of college and she’s looking to make a little extra money to pay for the incidentals. Books can be awfully expensive you know. She’s an exhibitionist and she loves fooling around on camera, which makes her a perfect candidate for her very own website. Upon visiting the site I was struck by how good looking she is in a girl next door kind of way. She has a super cute smile that’s slightly askew and her body is perfect, of course. All the Lightspeed girls are that way.

Hot Promises

Like most of the babes in the Lightspeed network Lacey White promises sexy softcore pictures of her posing solo and naughty content featuring girl-girl action. On the tour they show pictures of her licking tit, kissing another girl while dressed in a cheer uniform and gleefully groping another chick’s beautiful ass. It seems like full on lesbian content is a sure thing. The tour offers you a few free video clips but when you load them up you’ll laugh because they’re so tiny. It’s not even worth checking them out!


The most popular content set at is simply called “Nikki 3.” Given the simple name I couldn’t help but click on the link to see what it was all about. What I found was one of the most fabulous lesbian picture sets I’ve seen in a long time. It starts out with Lacey and Nikki Grinds, a cute blue eyed brunette, hanging out in their bathrobes. The girls slowly undress each other and engage in what can only be described as sexual flirtation. There’s a little touching and light nipple sucking.

Then things take a sharp turn towards sexy. Lacey puts on a purple strap-on cock and Nikki drops to her knees to suck on the sweet phallus. She gives a great blowjob and then sits on the counter with her legs spread, presumably getting ready to be fucked. Lacey licks her pussy a few times and then stands up and slips her dong inside. The initial fucking his hot, but it’s nothing compared to the doggy style sex where Lacey grabs a fistful of Nikki’s hair and pumps her pussy hard. The finish with Nikki riding the plastic cock and then members from all around the world release a collective breath.

That’s lesbian sex like I’ve never seen on a teen site and it gave me great hope for what the rest of the site held. When you signup I recommend browsing through the most popular list to see what kind of pleasures Lacey has in store for you. I’d also recommend you check out the Best of Lightspeed section, which offers free picture galleries from the most popular models in the network. There are 31 sites total and they want you to be able to check out a few of the others in an effort to get you to upgrade your membership. You don’t have to buy but it’s worth looking.

The rest of the main page is littered with advertisements. There are more than I’ve ever seen on an adult site, but they keep them all below the content so you won’t accidentally click on any of them. If you want to consume the ads you’ll do so by choice. The content has been divided into picture galleries and videos. There are 60 images galleries and you’ll find solo and lesbian content mixed in. All the Lightspeed girls are super cute teens who pose in super cute outfits. That’s how the content works and they’ve made lots of money doing it that way so they’re not going to change.

The only problem is it can get repetitive. When you join you get access to ten sites as part of your membership and you’ll find that the content looks remarkably similar on each of those sites. The girls wear lots of pastel colored tank top and t-shirts and then they strip out of them and pose naked for you. If that kind of content really does it for you then it’s money very well spent. If not then you’re going to be totally bummed out. Lacey mixes it up in a few galleries – I particularly like the one where she poses in a sheer blue top – but by and large she’s the same as all the others.

Lacey white also does videos, although not nearly enough of them. There are 16 scenes and each can be downloaded to your hard drive. In fact, the options they offer for watching the video content are amazing. First they provide a screen capture gallery so you can preview the scene before committing to a lengthy download. Then there are five formats to choose from: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. They even break the first two formats into one minute clips if you only want a certain part of a scene.

Except for two all the videos are lesbian themed. Some simply feature a couple of girls getting naked and rubbing against each other and others get a little naughtier. There’s a three party video called “Bus Party” in which five Lightspeed girls are riding in the back of a limousine and behaving very badly. They lick and kiss each other, give lap dances and eventually play with each other’s pussies. If you’re going to download one clip first I’d recommend that one. “Sapphic Sweeties,” featuring three nude hotties kissing, is also worth your time.

A big part of the Lacey White experience is the bonus content. Members can browse through a collection of more than 150 leased feeds featuring videos and pictures of porn stars, cheerleaders, teens and more. You also get nine bonus sites when you join and they’re of your choosing. Pick any of the Lightspeed sites and enjoy. If you pay an extra $5 you get access to the entire Lightspeed network, which is a fantastic deal.

Croco’s Opinion

Lacey White is a pretty girl with some very sexy content on her site. Her interactions with other chicks are exceptional and I have no doubt they drive the membership to keep paying the monthly fee. However, Lacey doesn’t have much content so you’ll be done with it in no time. There are 60 picture galleries and 16 videos. Plus, the content is not updated despite what they claim. Membership does come with bonus sites, but at $34.95 it’s pretty damn expensive when compared to most other sites in the genre.


They keep it simple and simple is always easy.

Pricing Policy

It’s $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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